May. 10th, 2017

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With about 30 hours until the second Semi, it is time to go through the 18 songs with artists who were allowed to enter Ukraine.

Spoiler alert

Serbia: This years fashion statement is no pants. Now featuring Hungrybum.

Austria: He is mooning us

FYR Macedonia: She does seem sing the truth. she will dance alone.

Malta: White is he preferred colour for dresses this Eurovision. I hope this does not qualify.

Romania: is that her dress? did she pick it up at Supre? and what is with the penises on the stage... oh they are canons...

The Netherlands: Sister Act. it is a bit of a snore.

Hungary: Bottom 4.

Denmark: Where I am is on a couch at 3 am. Where you are is a nutjob nation. Don't get them confused.

Ireland: Showing that this is the weaker semi. If he was dying to try, maybe he should... just a little harder... try that is.

San Marino: Not the worst outfit Valentina Monetta has ever won at Eurovision, but close.

Croatia: The backdrop is Jacques singing a duet to himself. Maybe thats the secret of the song. he is his only friend.

Norway: This song is looking like an easy top 10 entry from this semi, and not on its merits...

Switzerland: Some Eurovisions this could be the Barbara Dex, but there was stiff competition from the first semi.

Belarus: Better than last years Belorussian song, but that was not heard. There is so much stage going to waste here

Bulgaria: This guy was an X-Factor runner up. remember that with every note he misses. He got that far...

Lithuania: besides blending into the backdrop, the vocals are well executed and this will likely get through.

Estonia: interesting white dress. Hope at least one of them can get the notes in the semi.

Israel: ouch stop the high notes... quit, please, give up.... please get the backing singers to sing the high notes...


I think only 6-7 songs deserve to qualify from this mess going by these rehearsals. the other 3-4 slots should be given to countries from the first semi like Finland. who were better than at least 88% of these songs




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