Apr. 20th, 2017

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Semi final 2
Artist: Joci Papai (Pápai József)
Song: Origo (Origin)
Odds: $34

Word of the day:
huszonkilenc - twentynine
How many artists Pápai beat in A Dal to end up in Eurovision

The odds on this song are rather generous. This song has to beat eight other entries just to make the final. Sure the Gypsy connection will get him a few votes (from stolen mobile phones) from all across Europe, but will that be enough to qualify? Computer says no.

Pápai is a talent show reject. He made the top 16 on Megasztár (a Star Academy/Idol rip-off), but was in the group of 4 singers who failed to make the finals. This has not stopped Pápai achieving success in Hungary. Well he has released a few singles, if that is successful.

The translation of the song into English shows it is a rather interesting song. It is about how he loves a girl but then fins out he is not white enough for her. Instead of turning to skin bleaching creams, he turned to song writing and Eurovision is blessed to feature his talent.

Hungary's best result was at their first attempt at Eurovision. Though they have come close to their 4th place that they achieved in 1994, they have never surpassed it. that record will stay intact until next year at least.


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