Apr. 19th, 2017

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Semi final 1
Artist: Demy
Song: This is Love
Odds: $41

Word of the day
δημοφιλής - popular
In Greece maybe, at Eurovision less so...

Though this is pretty much a standard Eurovision track, there is one thing that ruins the whole song, the ending. Bette Midler said of Chapel of Love, “That is the pits ending for a really terrific song”. The ending of This is Love is worse. You are dancing away and suddenly the song almost stops. It has an attack of the Disney’s and ends. It should have been a lot better

This song has a lot of Euroivison power behind it. Song writer Dimitris Kontopoulos has worked with a number of Greek artists who have gone to Eurovision as well as being involved with entries from Belarus in 2007, Ukraine in 2008, Greece in 2009, and Russia in 2014. Demitris also collaborated with John Ballard, one of the other song writers, on Eurovision entries for Azerbaijan in 2013 and Russia last year. They are yet to get the choccies, but what is most surprising is that two of these songs finished 2nd, and neither of those was the good one.

Demy is a popular artist in Greece for both her music and the musicals she appears in. She was also a Teacher/Mentor in a short lived Greek TV series called The Music School, where a group of kids competed to get a scholarship into the Ωδείο Αθηνών (Athens Conservatoire). It appears that the scholarship took places from rich people who would pay for the tuition. Greece needs money more than talent shows so The Music School had to go. They are so in need of money it is a wonder hey can afford to go to Eurovision.

In 1984 Greece withdrew from Eurovision as there was nothing good enough to send to Luxembourg. Four years later they sent Clown. It is surprising that Greece has ever won Eurovision really.


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