Apr. 17th, 2017

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Semi final 1
Artist: Ronin Bengtsson
Song: I Can’t Go On
Odds: $8.50 (3rd)

Word of the day
Nummer tre - Number three
When shit is not shit enough, it is a number 3

This starts so 1980s that it could have been in a Beverly Hills Cop film, and it doesn’t get much more recent from there. For the Eurovision performance the backing dancers should wear walkmans and at the end of the song they should each discard a cassette into the crowd with the song on it. Embrace the 80s.

Typically Sweden has a heap of Eurovision power behind their entry. The co-writers have all co-written Eurovision entries for Sweden. Robin Stjernberg also performed the song he co-wrote in 2013 which finished 14th. David Kreuger and Hamed K-One Pirouzpanah co-wrote the 2014 Swedish entry for Sanna Nielsen which finished 3rd, which is a reoccurring number for this entry. It is 3rd with the bookies and Robin finished third in Swedish Idol in 2008. Mmm number 3s

This song won Melodifestivalen despite finishing third on the popular vote and almost 200000 votes behind the most popular song. The international Jury loved his song and their votes destroyed the 7% advantage Nano had in the popular vote. Who cares what the people think though, this is Eurovision, not democracy.

In 1985 Sweden hosted Eurovision (after their 1984 win) and came third. NUMBER 3!!!


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