Mar. 24th, 2017

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Semi Final 2
Artist: Јана Бурческа Jana Burčeska
Song: Dance Alone
Odds: $29

Word of the day:
талент - Talent
there is not enough of it.

At the age of 17, Jana appeared on Macedonian Idol and she finished 5th. After she performed Blondie's "Call Me" she was evicted, which was understandable after hearing her rendition. I hope over the last 6 years Jana has learned how to sing.

Dance Alone is not as challenging as anything by Blondie. Generally Swedish music factory stuff is reasonably simple. The problem is that the song sounds like about everything else. It sounds like an ad for a Toyota Corolla. Maybe they can incorporate that into the staging. There has been an Ice rink, pole dancers and giant double piano on the Eurovision stage, why not a small car...

I can't help think that when a bunch of Swedish Music factory writers provide a song to a third rate Eurovision country it is because no one else wants it. This song ends on a rather depressing note, which isn't what one wants from a dance song. I couldn't see Kylie or Gaga performing it. I guess that makes it perfect for Macedonia.

Macedonia doesn't appear to be a well of talent.and they like depressing songs like this from 1998


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