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Semi Final 1
Artist: Isaiah
Song: It Don’t come easy
Odds: $51

Word of the day:

Isaiah won X-Factor Australia last year and even before he won he was already the popular choice for Australia’s Eurovision entry. He is and good singer and a great story but this song has rightfully dropped in the odds in the last week because the package is not right. The singer, the look, the story, the song and the performance don’t gel. It is almost an epic fail.

The biggest issue is this song. SBS internally selected Isaiah and the song writers DNA. DNA provided a song that was perfect for Dami last year or an artist in their late 20s or early 30s. Isaiah is 17. How can he sing about multiple failed relationships when he is 17.

SBS appear to think that resolve this year’s glaring issues they should case internal selections and hold a national selection. On SBS, who is going to watch that? There will be more hard-core international Eurovision fans watching it than domestic viewers. On top of this no genuine artist will take part. At least with internal selection SBS can get a brown paper bag from a record company.

Dami was a good artist to song match. SBS should not get her back, but they should look artists who can provide their own song. Forget this year happened and thing of the good times of 2016


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