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Semi final 2
Artist: Timebelle
Song: Apollo
odds: $301

Word of the day
Dieu - Dio - Gott -God
The only thing god-like is the title.

Timebelle were formed as a boy band and that they remained until they added a female singer Miruna Manescu and Timebelle made it to Eurovision after their second attempt in the Swiss national selection, Die Entscheidungsshow. The only hope that Switzerland can realistically have for this song is that it won’t finish last in its semi like Switzerland have the last 2 years, and even that there is not much hope of.

Timebelle could have had Yodel It! as their song for the contest. They chose Apollo and Yodel It because Romanaia’s song for this year’s event. Timebelle could have been a Romanian entry. There are 2 Romanians in the group and their producer is also Romanian. It was Timebelle’s Producer who wrote the Romanian song.

Dovas, the writing trio who wrote this song (Elias Näslin, Alessandra Günthardt, Nicolas Günthardt) are possibly best known for writing the 2013 winning song in Swedish Idol and it shows. This song sounds like an Idol winners single. It is not a real song. Perfect for an event that is not a real song contest

Since Eurovision started in 1956 Switzerland have been to Eurovision 57 times, this year will be 58 and this was their song in 1959


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