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Semi Final 2
Artist: Nathan Trent (Nathanaele Koll)
Song: Running on Air
Odds: $151

Word of the day
Laufen - Running

Nathan appeared in German X Factor in a group called Boyz II Hot which got knocked out before the top 10 after performing ‘When Will I be Famous’. Nathan was also in the top 33 for Unser Song 2017, the German Eurovision selection but had to withdraw after being announced as the Austrian representative. Germany’s loss has not helped Austria much.

The odds less reflect the song than it does the fact that is it pretty much a forgone conclusion that Italy will win this year. Running on Air will get votes and should make the final as it is a simple tune that is likeable and the singer a good looking little rooster, but something crazy would have to happy for this song to win… which is possible because Eurovision is in Ukraine and that is a nutbag nation.

This is not a mindless love song by a former ‘talent’ show contestant. Love isn’t mentioned in it all. No love, peace or hand-waving… why would this be sent to Eurovision.

This year’s entry was chosen by internal selection; however that is not always the case. In 2004 Austria had a national final called song.null.vier which included the 1976 winners, Robinson and Waterloo. When Robinson and Waterloo came second they tried to take it to court to challenge the result. Even if the 2004 was better than the 1976 one, it would have probably been best not to send it.


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